Hidden lamps and buried coins

How does faith sharing happen?

Space making

How might we offer hospitality?

It starts with why

What is the purpose of innovation?

The rare resource

How might we invest in an innovative future?


How might we foster wellbeing in pioneers?

Show me the money

Is there such thing as best practice for funding innovation?

In hindsight: When it doesn’t go right

How can we safely learn from failure?

Missing the miracle

Where is our focus?

The future in reverse

What might have been?

Achievement Unlocked: Established Community!

20 May 2018

Quote Spinner

What are the things we say about innovation?

One meeting, three stories

What are your ground rules for conflict?

Mind the gap

How do people move from consumer to co-creator?

Behind the curtain

How do people experience your gatherings?

Early days

What is it like at the beginning of something new?

Fire and Ice

What kind of relationship can the centre have with the edge?

Across the park

Are we piquing curiosity?

Exit via the Stairs

What happens when people leave a community?

Letters to a young innovator

Things we wish we knew before we started

Entrepreneurs Got Talent

Where do we share success stories?

What is the measure?

Are we making an impact?

New building hangover

Understanding the implementation slump

The value of a strong core

The committed early team

Would you rather?

How might we make effective decisions?

Unaddressed grief

How do communities process grief?

Making a place for gifts

Can everyone contribute?

Take a chance card

Is there hidden value in transitions?

Program or Presence?

Why engage the community?

He’s so talented

Can one leader do it all?

I’m just one voice

Are all voices important in discernment?