Innovation Workshop Toolkit
The UnitingNeXT Missional Innovation Package is designed to engage groups in reflecting on their mindset & practice around doing ministry and mission differently. It includes a contextualised workshop, the use of NCLS and Pathways data and learnings, support from the Mission Enablement Team, and on-going coaching supporting the missional initiatives that are developed and planned. The Workshop includes physical and digital resources that cover areas of practice with up to 8 hours of material that can be adapted to suit your context. The workshop covers:
. Innovation landscape & your Missional Context
. The real world of Missional innovation & Practice
. Equipping missional innovation enablers and practitioners, and a very important,
. “NeXT steps”, where and what now?

Contact us at UME’s Mission Enablement Team to request a workshop to be held in your location. We can come to you, or train you to run your own workshop.